Reuter Board of Directors

Albert Neutel     Chairman of the Board

Albert ‘JR’ Neutel, Jr.    President and Chief Executive Officer

Robert Coleberd, Emeritus     Retired President, Pac-West Oil Data, Portland, Oregon

Charles Merritt    Retired Minister of Music, First United Methodist Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thomas Murray     Attorney (Of Counsel), Lathrop & Gage, LLC, Overland Park, Kansas

Sherry Schaub     Retired Vice President and Chief Purchasing Officer, Quaker Oats, Chicago, Illinois     Chairman of the Board and Director, Kids Alive International, Valparaiso, Indiana

Reuter Management Albert Neutel is co-proprietor of The Reuter Organ Company. Originally from the Netherlands, he worked on his first organ project at age 11, when he helped with rebuilding the 200-year-old pipe organ at his hometown church. He immigrated to Canada with his young family in 1955, and by 1960, with experience he had gained working with the Dekker Brothers in Holland, he established his own organ company in Ontario. He joined Reuter in 1979 as factory supervisor and was named president in 1983. Mr. Neutel has now retired from his role in day-to-day operations at the firm, but continues his leadership as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Albert Neutel, Jr. is President, Chief Executive Officer and co-proprietor of The Reuter Organ Company. Like his father, JR’s interest in pipe organs also began at a very early age. He has served the firm in many capacities, developing a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of organ building. After attending Dordt College, he spent a considerable amount of time finishing organs and also working as a sales representative based in Tennessee. He returned to Lawrence in 1997 to join his father in managing the firm and was instrumental in planning the move to the new corporate facility in 2001. His vision for the future has driven the expansion of Reuter tonal concepts, while continually seeking ways to improve aspects of design and production. He is now in charge of all Reuter operations.

William Klimas is Vice President and Artistic Director of the Reuter Organ Company. He has a Bachelor of Music degree from Grand Valley State University and a Master of Music degree in organ performance from Westminster Choir College. Since 1981, Mr. Klimas has been active in the organ building industry. He has also served as Music Director for churches in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, and returned to Grand Valley State University to join the faculty for several years as University Organist and Organ Instructor. He is currently a member of the Topeka Chapter of the American Guild of Organists and served previously as Sub-Dean and Dean of the Grand Rapids Chapter. He has presented concerts in many parts of the United States, and has recorded for Pipedreams on National Public Radio.

Ronald Krebs is Vice President of the Reuter Organ Company. His primary responsibilities include marketing and communications, and he also assists in design and project oversight. Mr. Krebs received Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from the University of Michigan. He is a past Dean of the Grand Rapids chapter of the American Guild of Organists. After serving as Convention Coordinator for the 2005 Region V Convention, he was selected to be Director of the AGO Committee on Regional Conventions. Mr. Krebs has presented concerts in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France and the Netherlands, and has been featured on the National Public Radio program Pipedreams. His recent compact disc on Reuter instruments, The Art of Two Manuals, is available on the Raven label.

Morgan Lowry is Director of Operations. After graduation from Belmont University with a degree in Church Music, he worked as a music editor in Nashville, eventually becoming Executive Editor for Triune Music-Triangle Records. He also established a music engraving business for publishers in Nashville and New York, using music typesetting software that he created. He began work with organ building firms in the 1990s. Before joining Reuter in 2006, he served as Vice President and Production Manager for Duys & Nicholson in Northfield, following employment as a department foreman and CNC specialist with another Minnesota firm, the Rutz Organ Company. As head of Reuter’s engineering department, he is also responsible for managing the shop and maintaining the production schedule.        Left to right: Morgan Lowry, William Klimas, Ronald Krebs